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This Privacy Policy applies to all matters relating to the handling of personal information on the EPSON inkjet solution website.

Privacy Statement for Customer Inquiries

April 1, 2022
Seiko Epson Corporation

Seiko Epson Corporation ("Seiko Epson") understands the importance of protecting personal data as part of its social responsibility and strives to properly handle personal data based on Seiko Epson's privacy policy. In conjunction with the above, the privacy statement below describes how we handle personal data and information, which includes items that must be disclosed according to personal data protection laws, regarding inquiries to customer support ("this service") on the Epson Inkjet Solution website.
For inquiries regarding Seiko Epson's privacy statement on business activities other than this service, please contact the relevant help desk or consult the website.

1. Collecting Personal Data

Seiko Epson collects the personal data of customers through the methods described below.

1-1. Collecting Data Through This Service

Seiko Epson collects personal data such as the inquirer's name, affiliation, and details about the inquiry when customers use this service. Seiko Epson also collects personal data by asking service users to provide an email address, phone number, or postal address where they can be reached post-inquiry.

1-2. Collecting Data from Customers That Access This Service

Data regarding a customer's interests and online activity may be collected when a customer accesses the website, mainly by looking at their page browsing history. This data includes things such as IP addresses, browsers, and the URLs the customer used before accessing this service.

Customers can deny access to their online activity by deciding to refuse cookies, but please note that some or all functions of this service might become unavailable if you do so.

For information on third-party cookies, please consult the third party's website.

One cookie is used by Google Inc.'s Google Analytics, mainly to collect and analyze pieces of user history. Google Analytics uses first-party cookies to collect data on customers that access their websites.

Google Analytics' privacy policy is stipulated in Google Inc.'s privacy policy.

About cookies

In some cases, Seiko Epson's websites send cookies that are stored on the customer's computer. With these cookies, Seiko Epson may track a customer's online activity.

2. Using Personal Data

Seiko Epson uses the personal data of customers for the following purposes:

However, in the following cases, Seiko Epson may use personal data for purposes other than those stated above:

3. Managing Personal Data

To appropriately manage personal data, Seiko Epson appoints personal data protection managers and supervises employees to make sure that careful attention is paid when handling personal data. Seiko Epson also, within the scope required to achieve the purpose of the personal data, makes sure data is kept accurate and up to date. Servers are protected by a network security system such as a firewall or safely stored in storage cabinets and personal data is also protected against leakage, corruption, or damage.

3.1. Establishment of a basic policy

3.2. Organizational security measures

3.3. Personal security measures

3.4. Physical security measures

3.5. Technical security measures

4. Sharing Information with Third-Party Companies

Seiko Epson does not share personal data with third-party companies without the customer's consent. However, Seiko Epson may share personal data with third-party companies in the cases below.

If Seiko Epson deems it appropriate to have an Epson Group company other than Seiko Epson respond to an inquiry, Seiko Epson may disclose or provide a customer's personal data, such as the customer's name, address, phone number, and email address, and information about the inquiry to the Epson Group company via paper or digital transfer.

Customers or their legal representatives can stop Seiko Epson from sharing personal data with Epson Group companies.

For details on these procedures please contact the Personal Data Help Desk. (See "7. Personal Data Help Desk" below.)

4-1. Shared Use

Personal data may be shared and used among the Epson Group in your country/region within the stated purpose of use. Group companies that share personal data are listed on the business site and Epson Group company page.

The party responsible for managing and using personal data that is shared within the Epson Group is listed below.

Personal Data Protection Manager, INKJET-SOLUTION TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT, IJS Division, Seiko Epson Corporation.

Also, the information entered in the inquires page ( of this site is transferred to a Seiko Epson subsidiary in the region selected in the form.

The Seiko Epson subsidiaries to which information is transferred are indicated below.

Epson America, Inc.
Epson (China) Co., Ltd.
Epson Europe B.V.
Epson Hanbai Co., Ltd.
Epson Australia Pty. Ltd.
Epson Korea Co., Ltd.
Epson India Pvt. Ltd.
Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd.

4-2. Outsourcing Business Processes

Seiko Epson may, to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, outsource all or part of the handling of personal data to contractors, including but not limited to the processing of personal data, the provision of products and services to customers, the implementation of campaigns and questionnaires, and the auditing of operations.

Seiko Epson exercises strict control over contractors, providing them only with the personal data they need to accomplish their duties and monitoring them as deemed necessary and appropriate.

4-3. Transferring Businesses, etc.

Seiko Epson, as a company, may acquire a business due to a merger or other reasons. The use of personal data that accompanies such acquisitions shall be limited to the scope required to achieve the purpose for which the personal data was collected.

4-4. Sharing Data in Accordance with Legal Requirements

Seiko Epson may share personal data with third parties in the following cases:

5. Data of Customers under the Age of 16

Seiko Epson takes special care of the data of customers under the age of 16. For Seiko Epson to collect data of customers under the age of 16, a legal guardian or legal representative must give Seiko Epson their consent.

For deletion or other inquiries regarding the personal data of customers under the age of 16, please contact the Personal Data Help Desk. (See "7. Personal Data Help Desk" below.)

6. Following Legal Requirements and Revising Our Privacy Statement

Seiko Epson manages and uses personal data in accordance with the laws and ordinances in Japan. Seiko Epson may revise the privacy statement to, for instance, comply with changes in the laws and ordinances of Japan, or to make sure that personal data is more securely protected, so please periodically check our privacy statement.

7. Personal Data Help Desk

For questions or comments regarding Seiko Epson's privacy statement or personal data, please contact the help desk below.
Personal Data Protection Manager
Seiko Epson Hirooka Office
IJS Division
80 Harashinden, Hirooka, Shiojiri-shi, Nagano 399-0785
e-mail: IJS-Privacy <>

8. Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuation of Use, Deletion, etc., of Personal Data

If you wish to make inquiries concerning personal data, such as to find out what personal data has been collected and the purposes for which it may be used, please see "7. Personal Data Help Desk." After confirming the identity of the person making the request, we shall proceed in a reasonable and timely manner.

For details on procedures, please see "7. Personal Data Help Desk" for contact information.

9. Retention Period of Customer Personal Data

Seiko Epson stores the personal data of customers until the purpose of use, described in "3. Managing Personal Data," is achieved. The personal data is further stored for one year, and after the retention period has ended, shall be disposed of properly. However, if the content of the inquiry is deemed to be unreliable, Seiko Epson will delete the personal data and inquiry contents at its own discretion.

10. Other

This privacy statement applies from the day it is uploaded to the EPSON Inkjet Solution website (

11. Revision History


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